Dark Theater

John Heginbotham

Erik Satie


Lighting Design:
Nicole Pearce

Costume Design:
Maile Okamura


Photos by Christopher Duggan

“The opening movements of “Dark Theater,” the choreographer John
Heginbotham’s new work to music by Erik Satie, show straightaway a true
theater artist’s instinct for commanding his audience.”

        -Alastair Macauley for the New York Times

Premiere: October 29, 2013
Fishman Space, Fisher Building
BAM 2013 Next Wave Festival
Brooklyn, NY

Dark Theater was created thanks to the support of 101 individuals who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign supporting the creation of Dark Theater.  We absolutely could not have done this without our Dance Heginbotham family, and would like to thank each and every backer.  Special thanks to Alison Bryant, Mary Cronson, Caroline Cronson, Timothy Jones, Maira Kalman, Isaac Mizrahi, Mel and Amy Okamura, Jim Slaughter and Cath Maciver, Ricky Lopes, Ellen Offner, and Megan Williams.