Photo: Janelle Jones, courtesy of The Watermill Center

Please consider supporting the continued growth of Dance Heginbotham!

 Your donation, at any level, will ensure that John can continue to create the intelligent, adventurous dance experiences that Dance Heginbotham performs across the globe.  All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

To join at one of the following levels, simply click the "Donate" button below.

Friend ($25 - 99)
Supporter ($100 - 249)
Champion ($250 - 999)
Commissioners' Circle ($1,000 - $5,000)
Benefactors' Circle ($5,000+)


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Please make your check payable to: “Foundation for Independent Artists, Inc., #6″, earmarked for “Dance Heginbotham” and mail to:

Pentacle /
Foundation for
Independent Artists

75 Broad Street, Suite 304
New York, NY 10004

Dance Heginbotham is a member of the Foundation for Independent Artists, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization administered by Pentacle (DanceWorks, Inc.).  Pentacle is a nationally recognized management support organization for the performing arts. Established 1976. Mara Greenberg and Felicia Rosenfeld, Directors. 75 Broad Street, Suite 304, New York, NY 10004.


Dance Heginbotham is grateful to all the individuals and institutions who generously support the company. 

The creation and performance of John’s work is made possible, in part, thanks to the following:

Benefactors' Circle

The Cronson Family
Karyl Nairn

Commissioners' Circle

J. Alison Bryant & Paul Levine
Jeanie Heginbotham
Jennings & Phyllis Bryant
Jim & Barbara Pearce
Jim  & Cathie Slaughter
Kim Graham
Lauren Cherubini
Lynn Holstein
Manny Torrijos & JS Tan
Michele & Steve Pesner


Melvin & Amy Okamura
Arnie & Ellen Offner
Charles & Birgit Blyth
Conrad Cummings
David Levithan
Fraser Bonnell
Gia Storms
Gus Solomons, Jr
Jeanne Ruddy Keen
Kate Johnson & Marshall Hagins
Kristen Miles & Eleanor Wallace
Mark Morris
Mollie Katzen
Nancy Umanoff
Olivia H. Dunn
R.L. & Jane Stine


Amy Bauman
Andrea Lodico
Bernard Telsey
Billy Hayes
Bob Dixon
David & Linda Feigenbaum
Deborah Magallanes
Deborah Millman
Douglas Lasdon
Elissa Santisi-Keller
Evan Fallenberg
Gael Towey
Jaclyn Cherubini & Moss Allen
James Duffy
Jeanine Young-Mason
Jeff Cohen
Jon Nakagawa & Richard Willard
Judith Richland
Kate Dugan
Laura Santisi
Laura Achee
Linda Feigenbaum
Liz Richards & Alison Hart
Mark Somers
Megan Williams
Nancy Dalva
Nancy Lieberman
Sarah & Devin Horne
Susan Weber
Svend Mejdal
Theresa Vibberts
Tina Fehlandt
Zev Greenfield & Kristen Foote


Alan Pierson
Alison Moritz
Amy Bauman
David Weaver
Dr. Charles Popper
Elisabeth Stimpert
Ethan Iverson
Gregory Nuber
Jane Troy
Jenny Goelz
Jesse D Blumberg
Jessica Troy
Kim Okamura
Margery Cornwell
Maria Portman Kelly

Institutional Support

Aninstantia Foundation
Barbara Bell Cumming Foundation
Charles and Joan Gross
    Family Foundation
Foundation for Contemporary Arts
Harkness Foundation for Dance
Hollister-Clagett Family
    Foundation for the
    Performing Arts
Howard Gilman Foundation
Jerome Robbins Foundation
Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
New York State Council on the Arts
O’Donnell Green Music and
    Dance Foundation

In-Kind Support

Stephen Viksjo
(Vixjo Design, Inc.)

Advisory Council

Lauren Cherubini
Zev Greenfield
Andrew Hamingson
Kristen Miles

List updated: January 2017